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The Bible as a Moral Standard

Is the Bible really the record of truth spoken by God? If so, why has society rejected it, and what have been the results of this rejection? If we are going to discuss truth and morality, we must have a common standard to refer to as a higher opinion; otherwise, each individual can speak as his own authority and ones ideas are as valid as another. After all; we all have vivid imaginations and can create scenarios to prove our points without end. However; if we are going to get to the truth, there must be a viewpoint from a

New Birth by Obedience to the Gospel

Humanity was in a terribly lost condition when Jesus was born. Man in general had been separated from fellowship with God for thousands of years. Israel was humanity's only hope for eventual redemption and it was in a sorry state of political and religious corruption. Except for his love and promise to their father Abraham Israel was hardly worthy of consideration as God's once designated expression of his will for man. Man was helpless because he had made himself his own savior by his purchase of godhood. Try as he may, he could not push up himself out of the

Eternity, Mercy, and Judgement

It is evident that the instinctive awareness of the reality of eternity is in the heart of every man - at least until he is persuaded away from such intuitive assumption by philosophy. Most religions in the world acknowledge the reality of existence after death. The sociologist or philosopher would discount this universal belief in eternity, but we would do well to give it heed. It is well known that in times of severe crisis people openly and instinctively pray to God and acknowledge need of him without embarrassment. There are three words that seem to automatically come out of

The Reality of God

In the vast majority of cultures, there exists a strong faith in the existence of supernatural intelligence responsible for the creation of the earth and for things that happen in it. In fact, this is so universal that I am not aware of any culture that didn't have such a conviction in the most of its history. If you are in a city and suddenly most people are running in panic in a certain direction, the sensible thing to do is to either run with them or at least make every effort to become aware of what the stampede is

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