Pastor Spite arrived with his family to begin an apostolic church in Rochester on June 4th 1976. Upon his arrival he found a broken down chapel with a mortgage still outstanding. The previous congregation, who had used the building, had disbanded.

Holding church services and attempting to keep the building from being lost was the Salverson family. These lay members of an apostolic church in Indiana had moved to Rochester as “tent makers” shortly before the previous pastor and his congregation disbanded. The Salverson family, along with another elderly lay couple, were able to keep the building from being lost until Rev. and Mrs. Spite could arrive.

Pastor Spite supported himself and the church through full-time secular employment for the first 5 years of the church’s existence. Then in 1981, the church had grown enough to support his full-time efforts in its behalf. He has worked in the ministry full-time since then.

For all of its current intents and purposes, New Life Assembly was effectively launched on Sunday, June 6th 1976, with seven adults present. This included a second-time visitor who had responded to an ad placed in a local paper by Ed Salverson. She, along with her two daughters, was baptized that day.

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