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The Ministry of Ministry

This ministry is one that every member of New Life Assembly is involved in. "Service to one another" is the essence of oneness and love for each other that Christ requires of his disciples and there seems to be no lack of it at New Life Assembly. The "ministry of ministry" has no formal structure but is evident in all other ministries. It is our attempt to define the willingness of each member of New Life Assembly to be inconvenienced for the welfare and building of other members. This seamless devotion and eagerness to serve each other makes response to

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Our Lives Have Never Been The Same

Where do I begin? In less than six years of marriage, I was a mother of three, married to an alcoholic, and heading for the divorce court. What was I going to do? The answer came when my friend invited me to church. Why not try God? I had already tried everything else, and I was desperate. God knew my heart and began a life altering change in me. I didn’t care what anyone thought. I needed a lifeline, and I was determined to hold to it no matter what. Everything I had worried about losing, Jesus allowed me to

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The Broken Heart Mender

I would like to share with you how I came into a relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. My background is very similar to that of a lot of women in the world today. I came from a broken home, step-families, abuse of every kind, and a longing to be loved. My parents tried to provide for me the best way that they knew how. They both worked very hard at financially supporting us, and actually, they did a very good job at that. Unfortunately, I always felt that they thought that money could buy you love and

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The Life of Christ

At New Life Assembly, the person of Jesus Christ is the substance of what we are about. Many books have been written about Christ, and appropriately so. No man has affected history more than he has. Our Gregorian calendar is dated from him. He stops the dating of human history, and starts it all over again. Time is divided by him going backward as BC and forward as AD. Of course this small web offering of doctrinal overview is not adequate to address the subject of his person - which all the books written about him have still not exhausted.

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Homeschool Support

Many parents at New Life Assembly have elected to educate their children at home in order to personally ensure for them the highest level of academic achievement and character development. Across America, an increasing number of concerned parents are doing the same thing. The New York State Department of Education has recognized the value of parental involvement in children’s education; providing guidelines and material resources to support the success of the home school effort. New Life Assembly lends support to members that home school their children by meeting periodically to facilitate discussion of issues that the parents face in providing

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Men’s Ministry

The men of New Life Assembly are strong in faith; and in service to God and the church. They frequently work together in remodeling projects, grounds keeping, fund raising, and social events such as cookouts, etc. Annually, men participate in the following events: a father and son retreat, young men fishing trips, and a men's fishing retreat. The fishing retreat takes place in the fall of the year at a campground wrapped around one of the beautiful bays of the Thousand Islands portion of the St. Lawrence Seaway. The relaxing time of great food, fellowship, and recreation provides an exceptional

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The Church Gave Me God’s Unconditional Love

I was about 7 years old when I was first introduced to New Life Assembly. This was a few years after my parents had divorced. At this time, and in the years following, as I was growing up, I fought with hurt and feelings of guilt and confusion. The members of the church gave to me God’s unconditional, unselfish love and acceptance. After a short while I received the Holy Ghost and was baptized in Jesus name. I had always had low self-esteem and sometimes hated who I was. I struggled with this even after being a part of the

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Ladies’ Ministry

The bible says of God: "Honor and majesty are before him: strength and beauty are in his sanctuary." (Psa 96:6) While the men of the church certainly express the strength of the church, the ladies of New Life Assembly are undoubtedly the beauty of the sanctuary. The glory of femininity and grace clothed in the class and royal dignity of modesty provides priceless adornment for the gatherings of New Life Assembly. The ladies of New Life Assembly are highly revered for their godliness and radiant worship. They serve the church continually in the following ways: facilities are cleaned to spotless

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From Alcoholic to Apostolic

My testimony is like many of this day and age. I was brought up with a way of life, that today, I know was contrary to the way that God wants me to live. At an early age I was taught that drinking was a “socially accepted” thing, so I learned how to drink. You see, since I was a small child, I was taught how to live. I was truly a product of my surroundings. My memory of my childhood was not one of love, but rather, one of a lot of pain and SOITOW. I know today that

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Winner’s Club

On Sunday mornings, children ages 6 to 11 are dismissed to the chapel to “Winner’s Club”; a program designed to enable them to experience the positive spirit of Christianity. The emphasis of Winner's Club is not on bible teaching, or salvation issues. These things are naturally experienced by the children in the general worship services as they individually experience the reality of God’s love for them; separate from adult guidance. Instead of guiding children into spiritual experiences, Winner's Club staff tries to make a positive connection between them and the concepts of human decency. This ministry supports parents’ efforts to

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