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College Evangelism

This is a new ministry created for the college students of New Life Assembly. The purpose of this ministry is to provide support for students concerning any faith issues that they may be dealing with in the heavily secular and amoral college environment, as well as reaching out to other students who may be interested in discovery of the things of God. The name of the group is Reach Our Campuses (ROC). The current format for the ministry sessions are food, fun, fellowship and discussion of current college campus issues, and faith foundational teachings. There are currently about 15 students

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Living for God is Awesome!

Look what the Lord has done. I want to give God praise for my salvation. Living for God is an awesome life. Jesus found me when I was the young age of 5 1/2. My first introduction to him was through the Sunday School Department. Sunday School was an exciting and fun place where there was plenty of the love of Jesus to go around. That love was foreign to me but I knew it was real. I attended Sunday School several times and knew that I would never leave that love. It can keep you. Shortly after that I

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I Came Up Out of the Water Feeling Clean and Free

I count it a privilege to be included in this book and a pleasure to write about where God has brought me from. I grew up feeling like I didn’t belong anywhere. My mother died when I was very young; my father remarried several years later. Though all who had to do with my upbringing did their best to care for me, I always felt like a fifth wheel, and lonely. I was quiet and a “nobody” in school. I married at a young age, seeking the love I so desperately needed. That marriage failed and I was divorced after

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A Beautiful Gift

Lord, there are not enough words that I can express to you for always being there for me. When I was yet a sinner and knew you not, you still loved me. Since I have been baptized in your precious name, Jesus, my life has never been the same. The smoking and drinking, that I had been addicted to, no longer appealed to me. I used foul language often, but now I have the beautiful Gift of the Holy Ghost and my tongue utters the pure praises of Your Name! Lord, you have given me the strength to praise you

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I Experienced Unconditional Love

Pain, confusion, loneliness; alone, separate, apart, isolated -- physically, emotionally and mentally. Life, even as a child, was a battle to be fought everyday. Broken hearts, promises, people. “Why?” “Why?”, I would ask over and over. Never finding an answer. Relationships with others were fragmented, fleeting, painful... so painful, "God, help me", I cried again and again. I began to build walls of protection. I tried several. Hard, tough, brittle, unfeeling, non-loving, non-giving. I didn’t want people too close. People brought pain and disappointment. I couldn’t live up to their expectations. At 16, suicide sounded like release from the prison

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The Church is a Powerful Church

It is an honor to be able to give you all of my testimony of what God has done for me throughout the years. If it was not for Jesus in my life, and the love of the church (New Life Assembly) in my life, I would be lost. You, my brothers and sisters, mean a lot to me. More than life itself. You were there for me and kept praying for me, and I just want to thank you. I love you all in Christ Jesus. There’s just not enough words to say or express my love for you

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Saved by Truth

At age 8, I finished 12th grade. I was fascinated with physics, and passed examinations without having ever been taught anything. As I walked home one day, I realized something in me had changed in what must have been overnight. I picked up a sheet of my own handwritten paper, and to my dismay, discovered I couldn’t read; neither could I write. My teachers suspected it was an emotional problem. Twelve years later, the doctors diagnosed the problem as a “loss of total recall.” They were truly stumped, because even though my brain worked perfectly, with no physical or chemical

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Music Ministry

The music ministry of New Life Assembly is both something to behold and a delight to experience. The dedication of NLA singers and musicians is evident in the seemingly flawless renditions that we are treated to every service. A lot of hard work and preparation goes into these audible offerings by the dedicated sound crew, musicians, and singers. God blesses the hard work and practice with that unspeakable quality of the spirit’s anointing that comes on them as they sing - like fire falling from heaven upon the sacrifice of the sacrificial preparation that they made. This obvious blessing is

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He Heard My Cry

New life Assembly has been a place where I can grow and receive the direction I need in this journey through life. Growing up I did not have boundaries. I grew up in a home filled with drugs, alcohol and immoral living. You did what you had to do to survive. At the age of 19, I was living an empty life. I remember crying out to God in the middle of the night and asking Him if this is all that life had to offer and if so, then I had no reason to live. If there is a

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My Hope is in Him

I came to the Lord in 1982 because my wife, Pam, had gone to a revival meeting. We were having problems in our marriage. I was stopping after work with the guys I work with (for a couple of beers). Instead of a couple, it would be ten to twelve and I wasn’t coming home until nine or ten o’clock at night. I had three young sons at the time, they would be in bed by the time I got home. It wasn’t that I didn’t love them (because I sure did). I was a good provider for them. I

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