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Web Ministry

The web ministry was formed with the determination that New Life Assembly's internet offering will be of the highest quality, with constant dedication and commitment to excellence needed for maintaining an effective web site. The web ministry meets on a routine basis to make sure that all content on the web site is updated and to explore ways to improve the web site with the best internet tools available. The team creates content and secures video, audio, and textual content from the various ministries, members and events of New Life Assembly. We anticipate an ever improving internet presence of New

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He Turned My Hate Into Love

I was a hopeless alcoholic. Then I met a man from Tennessee named Frank Butz who was a truck driver for the company that I worked for. Every time he delivered to Rochester he was after me to go to church with him but I kept putting me off. Finally one day he said, “You have been putting me off long enough and you’re going to church with me." When I walked through the door of that church I knew I had come home. The people treated me like they had known me all their lives. In my heart I

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I Will Be With God in Eternity

I was involved in a relationship outside of marriage for at least 15 years. Most of that relationship was lonely and confusing. I lived with guilt and no clear future. I tried for years to make it right and make it work. Of course, that was not possible. My daughter found New Life Assembly and a new life. I wanted what she had. I started to attend and to hear the word of God. If someone were to ask me how my life began to change I truly could not tell them. I just started saying “no” to a lot

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A Real Awakening

Have you ever looked into a mirror and didn’t like what you saw? That happened to me one day and I’m glad it did. I had known about God and His love since I was a young boy attending Sunday School, singing those children’s songs and hearing all those Bible stories. It was fun and good, but in my teenage years I started associating with the wrong crowd. I wanted to fit in and eventually I did, not for a moment considering the consequences. I started smoking, then drinking, thinking it was the “in thing.” All this time I lied

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