He Heard My Cry

New life Assembly has been a place where I can grow and receive the direction I need in this journey through life. Growing up I did not have boundaries. I grew up in a home filled with drugs, alcohol and immoral living. You did what you had to do to survive. At the age of 19, I was living an empty life. I remember crying out to God in the middle of the night and asking Him if this is all that life had to offer and if so, then I had no reason to live. If there is a

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My Hope is in Him

I came to the Lord in 1982 because my wife, Pam, had gone to a revival meeting. We were having problems in our marriage. I was stopping after work with the guys I work with (for a couple of beers). Instead of a couple, it would be ten to twelve and I wasn’t coming home until nine or ten o’clock at night. I had three young sons at the time, they would be in bed by the time I got home. It wasn’t that I didn’t love them (because I sure did). I was a good provider for them. I

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He Turned My Hate Into Love

I was a hopeless alcoholic. Then I met a man from Tennessee named Frank Butz who was a truck driver for the company that I worked for. Every time he delivered to Rochester he was after me to go to church with him but I kept putting me off. Finally one day he said, “You have been putting me off long enough and you’re going to church with me." When I walked through the door of that church I knew I had come home. The people treated me like they had known me all their lives. In my heart I

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I Will Be With God in Eternity

I was involved in a relationship outside of marriage for at least 15 years. Most of that relationship was lonely and confusing. I lived with guilt and no clear future. I tried for years to make it right and make it work. Of course, that was not possible. My daughter found New Life Assembly and a new life. I wanted what she had. I started to attend and to hear the word of God. If someone were to ask me how my life began to change I truly could not tell them. I just started saying “no” to a lot

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A Real Awakening

Have you ever looked into a mirror and didn’t like what you saw? That happened to me one day and I’m glad it did. I had known about God and His love since I was a young boy attending Sunday School, singing those children’s songs and hearing all those Bible stories. It was fun and good, but in my teenage years I started associating with the wrong crowd. I wanted to fit in and eventually I did, not for a moment considering the consequences. I started smoking, then drinking, thinking it was the “in thing.” All this time I lied

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