The music ministry of New Life Assembly is both something to behold and a delight to experience. The dedication of NLA singers and musicians is evident in the seemingly flawless renditions that we are treated to every service. A lot of hard work and preparation goes into these audible offerings by the dedicated sound crew, musicians, and singers. God blesses the hard work and practice with that unspeakable quality of the spirit’s anointing that comes on them as they sing – like fire falling from heaven upon the sacrifice of the sacrificial preparation that they made. This obvious blessing is proof of God’s pleasure with the holiness of the singers. Recognizing God’s anointing on their ministry, combined with our awareness that they know and are one with the God they are singing about, makes their songs a staircase to heavenly places in each service.

The music ministry has produced several CDs, but you can’t capture with digital audio recordings the thrilling excitement of living conviction, and the manifestation of Christ himself in the glory of radiant worship of singers and musicians. It simply must be experienced in the congregational worship in those unique moments of ministry during a worship service.

It is no wonder people are almost always on their feet in rapturous interaction with God when New Life Assembly music is ministered. Who can sit still when inspiration like a river is pouring into your soul?

Furthermore, the increasing talent base promises even greater expressions of music to come; however, there is keen awareness that regardless of the talent it is the anointing combined with the talent that enables music to break the yoke of oppression and free the soul to ride the sounds of heaven to places of fresh inspiration.