On Sunday mornings, children ages 6 to 11 are dismissed to the chapel to “Winner’s Club”; a program designed to enable them to experience the positive spirit of Christianity.

The emphasis of Winner’s Club is not on bible teaching, or salvation issues. These things are naturally experienced by the children in the general worship services as they individually experience the reality of God’s love for them; separate from adult guidance. Instead of guiding children into spiritual experiences, Winner’s Club staff tries to make a positive connection between them and the concepts of human decency.

This ministry supports parents’ efforts to train their children in matters of personal responsibility and integrity by highlighting the joy and excitement of positive character development. One of the primary goals of Winner’s Club is to enable the children to look back as adults and associate the church with great memories of clean fun and fellowship.

Winner’s Club team members are highly committed to this goal and spend many hours in preparation for each week’s session. They serve the children by providing a lot of great fun and social interaction among children by the use of story telling, puppets, illusion, singing, games, crafts, refreshments, and other fun and exciting group activities.

One of the Winner’s Club leaders, Lance M. describes it this way:

“Winners’ Club is a place where a kid can just come and be a kid! Venture back into time with characters from the Bible! See who can find the Bible verse first in a battle of sword drills! Test your agility and skills on obstacle courses and exciting games! Clap along with the NLA puppets! Laugh and sing with Bible action songs! Don’t forget to save room for a snack along the way! All this and much, much more. Winners’ Club`- where a kid can be a kid!”