I was involved in a relationship outside of marriage for at least 15 years. Most of that relationship was lonely and confusing. I lived with guilt and no clear future. I tried for years to make it right and make it work. Of course, that was not possible.

My daughter found New Life Assembly and a new life. I wanted what she had. I started to attend and to hear the word of God. If someone were to ask me how my life began to change I truly could not tell them. I just started saying “no” to a lot of situations and I set boundaries based on what I knew was good and right. Because of this, I found myself alone; without the man I had shared a relationship with for over 15 years. I guess this is what is meant by, “come out and be separate.” I did not plan for this to happen.

I knew that God was moving, so I continued to pray and to follow. This was the most painful and lonely time I have ever experienced in my life. With the help of the home fellowship, my daughter’s, and my own prayers, I spent– and still do– much time on my knees, thanking and praising God for my freedom from guilt and sin.

God’s power and love are always present for me, though I have had to move towards him to feel it and to stay strong in it. I have had to stay very close to that truth and power. I know I will never succeed if I don’t.

I walk everyday – in the day – the only picture of tomorrow I have in my mind’s eye is the

day I will be with God in eternity. For that is the only thing for sure.

~ Donna S.