Look what the Lord has done.

I want to give God praise for my salvation. Living for God is an awesome life. Jesus found me when I was the young age of 5 1/2. My first introduction to him was through the Sunday School Department.

Sunday School was an exciting and fun place where there was plenty of the love of Jesus to go around. That love was foreign to me but I knew it was real. I attended Sunday School several times and knew that I would never leave that love. It can keep you. Shortly after that I received the Holy Ghost and was baptized.

This was the beginning of my life today. I’ll say it again: living for God is awesome. I am not saying that you will never have problems; I am saying that your problems are no longer yours but they are your Maker’s and He can bring you through like He has done for me. And your tears are tears of joy.

Living for God is awesome.

An heir to his throne – Vivian

~ Vivian D.