I came to the Lord in 1982 because my wife, Pam, had gone to a revival meeting. We were having problems in our marriage. I was stopping after work with the guys I work with (for a couple of beers). Instead of a couple, it would be ten to twelve and I wasn’t coming home until nine or ten o’clock at night. I had three young sons at the time, they would be in bed by the time I got home.

It wasn’t that I didn’t love them (because I sure did). I was a good provider for them. I just couldn’t seem to get away from the peer pressure or the image of being a lineman. I had tried AA but that seemed like a Band-Aid fix to my problem. It worked for a while, but in time, I went back to my old ways.

By this time, Pam had had enough. She accepted an invitation from a good friend to go to this revival meeting. When she got home that night, she was so excited; she just had to tell me all about it. Then with great peace, she went to sleep. I spent all that night, the next day and the next night wrestling in my mind whether to go to the lawyer – or go to church. I loved her and my boys, so, with God’s love, decided to try church.

Let me tell you, since coming to New Life Assembly, my life has never been better. Our marriage is stronger and far better than I ever had dreamed it could be. I still have problems; but, now with God’s help and love shown by everybody at New Life Assembly (especially the Pastor and his wonderful family), I have great hope for the future.

~ Thomas H.