At age 8, I finished 12th grade. I was fascinated with physics, and passed examinations without having ever been taught anything. As I walked home one day, I realized something in me had changed in what must have been overnight.

I picked up a sheet of my own handwritten paper, and to my dismay, discovered I couldn’t read; neither could I write. My teachers suspected it was an emotional problem. Twelve years later, the doctors diagnosed the problem as a “loss of total recall.” They were truly stumped, because even though my brain worked perfectly, with no physical or chemical problems, I simply couldn’t remember anything after two weeks. If I didn’t see you in a two week period, I wouldn’t remember you anymore. I appeared quite bizarre, because I forgot everything.

Slowly, as the years passed, the duration of recall shortened to three minutes instead of two weeks. I felt like an empty tomb, drained of all substance. I’d drive to work and forget where I was going, so I’d pull over, and someone from work would look for me. It was like I was a dummy without direction, yet I knew plenty, if only I could remember…

I was searching for something real, and I didn’t want to live like this anymore. My dad always told me that there is a God and His name is Jesus. He also told me that I can just talk to Him, and that He’ll answer me. I soon met a lady from New Life Assembly who told me, “Jesus loves you”. Although I’d heard many others say these words, for the first time I literally felt Truth, and this time, I wept like a baby. Soon after, I was baptized in Jesus’ name and filled with the Holy Ghost. After that, if I didn’t remember, all I had to do was ask Jesus what to do, and He never let me down.

At one particular service, God told me that He had taken my memory away for my good, and that He would give it back in due time. Four years later, it returned as promised. Through prayer, He provided a companion that is a heaven-made match. Jesus has kept me and blessed me over the 20+ years I’ve been at NLA.

~ Salvatore T.